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Team building on the water

Environmental Awareness

People Engagement

Positive Impact & Regeneration

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

  • 3 h
  • Max. 150 Pax
  •  Low (€70 – 100)

Combining all the excitement, competitive spirit and glory of the world’s largest sporting event, teams compete against each other in their very own Olympic Games on the water. Through multiple challenges using kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, snorkelling gear or simply swimming, teams collect points and fight for the Olympic title.

Water Sports Olympics for more team spirit

Before the games begin, the group will be divided into several teams, which will compete against each other at different stations on the water. At each station of the Watersport Olympics, there will be a professional guide waiting for the group to explain the task of the day. One team consists of up to 10 people, who must come together for each game and work together. In order to secure a win, all must participate to support their teams with the right strategy to win the kayak race, to remain balanced on a big Stand Up paddleboard or to find hidden codes while snorkelling underwater in order to win the Water Sports Olympics. These games are a great way to enjoy the sea, sand and sun as well as strengthen the group's team spirit! In the end, there will be an award ceremony and a prize will be given to the winning team of the Water Sports Olympics. 

Enjoying even more water activities after the Water Sports Olympics

The olympic games could be a fun add-on to a guided kayak or stand up paddle tour. This way the group has the opportunity to also discover the beautiful surroundings and take a break at a hidden bay or at the harbour, where the Water Sports Olympics will take place afterwards. Of course the winning team also has to be rewarded for its performance. So what about a helicopter flight directly after the price giving ceremony? 

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