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A real 19th-century sailing experience

Environmental Awareness

People Engagement

Positive Impact & Regeneration

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

  • 4 – 8 h
  • Max. 60 Pax
  •  Medium (€100 – 150)

The group is invited to travel back in time during this classic sailing adventure on board of a historic sailing boat. While feeling the wind blowing into the sails, participants can enjoy the scenery and some cold drinks during the classic sailing adventure. Several swimming stops along the route of the classic sailing adventure provide enough time to go snorkeling or to completely disconnect and enjoy some precious moments.

Sailing with style during the classic sailing adventure 

The historical sailing yacht used for this classic sailing adventure is entirely made of wood and was built in 1841, meaning it is currently the oldest active ship amongst the Spanish fleet. Thus, this classic sailing adventure is the closest participants can get to a real 19th-century sailing experience. The ship takes guests back in time and offers an exclusive and unforgettable classic sailing adventure. Whether for a full day trip, morning excursion, or sunset cruise, the classic sailing adventure can be adapted to individual needs and preferences. All passengers have a once in a lifetime chance to participate in the maneuvering of the sails or to take a dip in the cool refreshing crystal waters during the classic sailing adventure. Optional during the classic sailing adventure, a delicious Paella lunch is served, while the ship sets sails in a relaxed and very special atmosphere.

From 19th-century adventure to 21st-century experiences

After a classic sailing adventure with spectacular views to the cliffs and bays of beautiful Mallorca, the island further invites to discover different facets: guests can enjoy a tour around the island including some more remote areas during a GPS iPad challenge. Alternatively, modern-day activities such as virtual reality games or escape games can be an interesting option. 

Whatever your preferences - let us design an individualised offer for you!