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Mallorca Event Agency Sustainability

We are living through unprecedented times, which calls on global citizens, governments and companies to step up to the challenges of climate change and actively participate in the regeneration of our planet. We see the global pandemic as an opportunity to change our habits and processes and commit to making the industry a more responsible one. Therefore, collaboration is key.

With this in mind, we converted the unexpected “break” during the covid19-lockdown into a benefit for our company and the Balearics as a tourism destination by using the time to develop & implement a holistic sustainability concept. We are aiming at achieving a change in the industry, especially to guarantee the preservation of the Balearic Islands and the regeneration of its natural resources, but also by bearing in mind the additional pillars of sustainability.  Not only are we focusing on improving our company’s carbon footprint and our own internal actions, but we intend to be a role-model for all partners, clients and the local community to inspire everyone involved across our entire value chain towards a sustainable development and a more regenerative culture.

We therefore defined an ambitious vision which we can only convert into reality through meaningful collaborations with other organisations, support of the local community and local government and the acceptance of our valued customers. To guarantee constant development and improvement, we created an action plan for the upcoming years and for all 6 commitments we make. All our actions are supporting the UNs Sustainable Development goals, we are focusing on 8 of the 17 goals to actively contribute to.

We created a rating system to measure the sustainability of our entire portfolio of products & services intending the improvement of all products and services year over year with the final goal to only offer responsible products in the foreseeable future. The rating facilitates a more responsible choice during the booking process and allows our clients to make informed and conscious decisions about the type of event they want us to deliver.

Our hope is that these efforts will not only have a positive impact on the environment that we so love and depend on, but will also shift the mindset of all visitors to these beautiful Mediterranean Islands, and foster a joint sense of responsibility and accountability to the natural world around us.

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03/08/2020, Janina