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  • 3 h
  • Max. 25 Pax
  •  Premium (€180 – 250)

The productivity booster to improve our stress response and mental well-being.
Transforming our reaction to stress can be life changing. In this workshop the team explores the mechanisms of feeling overwhelmed and develops coping strategies on a mind- and body level:

  • Dive into neuroscience: What happens to the body and brain when we are feeling stressed?
  • Learn how smart habits and structure can boost productivity - whilst acting as a defense mechanism against stress overload
  • Practice physical techniques for stress relief and self-regulation: Breathwork & Shambala Taj Chi

Taking care of the mental health and well-being of employees is the best investment a company can make. When the team is grounded, the company can thrive. This workshop trains the team’s ability to navigate through fast-paced work environments and facing challenges while staying calm, focused and productive.

This 3-hour workshop is a highly transformative coaching process with long-lasting impact - raising self-awareness, self-responsibility, confidence and the feeling of connection and community.

The impact of our workshops

With our coaching workshops, we want to create and hold spaces:

  • where you can truly reconnect with yourself and others
  • where you grow personally and get to know each other on a deeper level by sharing your experiences
  • where you learn important life skills and universal abilities to live your most fulfilling and responsible life
  • where you support each other as an empowering community by feeling seen, heard and valued

The coaches

Stephanie Fehr and Kathrin Mann are experienced change facilitators and coaches with complementary skills who love to empower groups.