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  • 4 – 8 h
  • Max. 50 Pax
  •  Premium (€180 – 250), Luxury ( €250 +)

Teamwork and clear communication are the secrets of sailing successfully through a pre-set route of the sailing regatta, simultaneously against others. Accompanied by professional skippers, the participants are divided into teams on different boats and proceed to sail against each other during the sailing regatta. The sailing regatta can be organised as a competition or as a complement to a relaxed sailing trip under the Ibiza sun.

Setting sail as a team during the Sailing Regatta

Provided with professional equipment and cool drinks, the boats welcome the participants at the harbour, ready for the sailing regatta. Before the guests start the big race of the sailing regatta, the group will receive a detailed briefing from the skipper and can test themselves on a short training trip. During the sailing regatta, there are various tasks and roles and only through coordinated teamwork, will the ship remain on course and reach the finish line. Reliability and a strong team spirit in the execution of the assigned task are important for a successful Sailing Regatta. A Sailing Regatta allows to get to know oneself and colleagues from a different perspective and is suitable for both sailing beginners and professionals. The route and duration of the sailing regatta will be designed regarding the preferences and experiences of the group. 

The Sailing Regatta as a teaser for more

To regain strength after a long day on the water during a successful Sailing Regatta, the guests can continue directly to Ibiza Town and take part in a tapas tour through the picturesque old town or a paella workshop. Alternatively, the Sailing Regatta can smoothly move on to a Loryc Electric Car Tour, so that the island can also be explored from land. The cars wait for the group at the harbour directly after the sailing regatta. 

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