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  • 2 h
  • Max. 200 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 80)

During a guided city tour through Ibiza's old town, the group will discover exciting facts about the multifaceted capital of the island. The city tour leads through the narrow streets and mysterious tunnels of Dalt Vila, whilst an experienced local guide shares his knowledge and insights about local culture and history. The focus of the city tour can be determined prior to the start and can be adapted to the preferences of the group. 

An astonishing city tour through Dalt Vila

Ibiza's old town Dalt Vila, translated "the high town", is situated on a hill in the centre of Eivissa (Ibiza Town). This town offers a unique setting for a city tour with its romantic charm and fantastic view. It can already be guessed from the harbour, that the castle walls hold many exciting secrets and sights, which will be explored further during the guided city tour. The city tour will be customised to each group's focus, interests and requirements which can be determined prior to the activity. A local guide awaits the group at a determined meeting point, to start the city tour. Aspects of history, culture, cuisine, and the current party scene will be part of the city tour. Whether typical handicrafts, old-established delicatessens, or architectural masterpieces, different stops offer great opportunities to linger, taste and enjoy during the city tour. 

Create a unique day: combine a city tour with other highlights

Guests can further experience Dalt Vila during an interactive iPad challenge or hop into some Jeeps or Hippie Cars to discover additional parts of the island after the city tour. In this case, the famous Hippy Market of the island should not be missed! Also, a paella workshop after the city tour can be a great way to conclude the day. There are plenty of possibilities to combine further activities with the city tour through Dalt Vila.

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