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  • 2 h
  • Max. 50 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 80)

A mountain bike tour is ideal for those who enjoy being active and do not want to miss out on the beauty that Ibiza has to offer. The mountain bike tour explores the island's beautiful landscapes and phenomenal views throughout challenging off-road routes. The mountain bike tour can start directly at the guests' place of stay or at any other desired location on the island. 

Spectacular off-road routes on the Mountain Bike Tour 

The high-quality mountain bikes will await at the guests' preferred location. After a short briefing including the customisation of the settings on each mountain bike to suit the needs of each guest, the mountain bike tour starts. Suitable for the fitness level of participants, the tour will lead through winding coastal routes, small villages and exiting off-road routes; where the abilities of the high-quality mountain bikes will be discovered. Fascinating viewpoints invite guests to a relaxing break, where they can refresh and take amazing photos, before beginning the second half of the mountain bike tour. 

Change to 4 wheels after the Mountain Bike Tour

A perfect combination with the mountain bike tour could be a hippie car tour, in which participants get to know more of the island's places including the colourful markets. The mountain bike tour could lead to a Finca, where the guests will participate in a paella cooking class, dive in deeper into the culinary secrets of Spain and enjoy a delicious meal after the mountain bike tour. Aboard an exclusive catamaran, guests will get to know the gorgeous sea surrounding Ibiza and Formentera. Guests will be brought to secluded coves for some snorkelling and swimming fun. 

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