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  • 2 h
  • Max. 100 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 80)

A combination of beautiful colours, unique smells, charming music and interesting characters are guaranteed at the hippy market on Ibiza. Internationally well-known, the market amazes young and old alike by the fun one can find there.

A real Hippie Market Experience

The Hippie Market of Ibiza is a must-do on the island. Early in the morning, countless vendors open their stalls and curious visitors discover the magic of the attractions that the market has to offer. The most unique artists and vendors can be found at the Hippie Market - clothes, hats, jewellery, shoes and art are just a few examples of what exists there. The Smoothie & Mojito Bar at the Hippyie Market offer the possibility to relax for a moment in the cosy patio while watching the colourful hustle and bustle.

Guests will be picked up directly at the hotel and be taken by bus to the Hippie Market or the Hippie Market can be implemented as a special highlight in a programme with various stops. Upon arrival, it is up to the guest: Either discovering the market individually or with a multilingual guide who will show guests around the market and bring them to the most interesting stalls. Fortune tellers and artists specialising in henna tattoos or the art of braiding hair are typical at the Hippie Market. At the small food trucks, visitors of the Hippy Market can find delicious food such as pizzas, falafels or Spanish tapas. There is a lovely restaurant close to the market, where delicious and healthy food is served - the perfect stop before heading back to the hotel.

The Hippie Market in a combined day programme

Various possibilities are available to enhance the Hippie Market experience further: Instead of being picked up by bus, the group can also start their journey with a Hippie Car Tour across the island. The route that the guests will follow with their 2CV, known as "Ducks", will lead them to some of the amazing places that the island has to offer - and, of course, to the market. Some action-filled stops such as kayaking can be added - or, if guests prefer a relaxed day on the island, a catamaran can await the group in the harbour and take them to Formentera, where the guests will discover the sea world while snorkelling.

According to the guests' ideas and wishes, we will create an unforgettable frame programme "full of love, peace and harmony" for your Hippie Market experience!