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  • 0 – 1 h
  • Max. 100 Pax
  •  Premium (€180 – 250), Luxury ( €250 +)

During a helicopter tour the group experiences the island beauty of Ibiza from a breath-taking perspective. The helicopters are fast, manoeuvrable, and comfortable, taking the guests from the mesmerising sea surface to dizzying heights of mountain peaks during the helicopter tour. During exclusive events and for bigger groups, a short helicopter tour can be the perfect add-on to experience the thrill of flying.

A unique and tailor-made helicopter tour

On a helicopter tour, guests can gaze across endless vineyards, colourful flower fields, rough cliffs and coasts, and marvel at the deep blue Mediterranean Sea high from above. The helicopter is quick, agile, and has space for up to 3 guests at once. A helicopter tour allows participants to visit hidden and more remote places that otherwise cannot be reached with an alternative. Any helicopter tour can be customised to the needs and requirements of the guests regarding the length of the flight and location of departure. Also, the route can be flexibly adapted to the wishes of the group and large groups can easily be divided into several short helicopter tours with up to two helicopters at once. 

The helicopter tour is just the start of a special day

Why not explore the areas seen from the sky during a helicopter tour from a different angle later on? Activities such as a Jeep Rally or a Hippie Car Tour offer the possibility to further discover the island on land and to experience the versatile nature of beautiful Ibiza after a helicopter tour. Participants enjoy breath-taking landscapes along curvy roads, headed towards a delicious local wine tasting with a stunning view. Combine a helicopter tour as an adventure in the sky with further adventures on the island from the water with a RIB Boat or Luxury Catamaran. Enjoying the warming sun is always a great idea to end off the day!

There is no limit to creativity. Get your personal offer today!