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  • 3 h
  • Max. 25 Pax
  •  Premium (€180 – 250)

Guests will have the opportunity to discover beautiful scenes of nature while playing golf. With the help of an experienced golf teacher, guests will learn the rules of golf. Experienced golfers will receive, first hand, several tips and tricks. Pros will feel at home and play against each other. Many golf locations are available on Ibiza, so the group can be sure that the perfect location will be booked. 

Playing Golf in Ibiza

This course, for beginners or experienced players who want to refresh their skills, will teach participants the basic principles of golf. Participants will be taught how to reach significant distances with the long swing on the pitch as well as playing short distances near the flag and finally, "putting".  In addition, participants will be taught about golf etiquette and the rules of golf.

Golf in Ibiza combines everything that makes this sport attractive: varied golf courses, fantastic golf hotels for an unforgettable stay and, thanks to the mild climate and the beautiful landscape, optimal training conditions. The duration of a golf trial course is about two hours - on request, of course, the time can be extended according to guests' wishes. Group sizes from six to a maximum of ten participants per group are recommended.

Get to know Ibiza after the Golf Course

In case some players would like a fun ending to a day of golf - an iPad City Tour or a treasure hunt through the streets of Palma are two possible options to enjoy. A paella workshop or a tapas tour are just the right choices for those who want to enjoy a nice meal after a couple of hours of sport and learning. 

We are looking forward to compiling a tailor-made package for you!