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  • 3 h
  • Max. 30 Pax
  •  Medium (€120 – 180)

Gin is making a comeback as the latest fashionable drink. Guests will experience this versatile, delicious and trendy liqueur in an entirely new way. Guests will have the opportunity to try the most famous and local gis with a true gin connoisseur. These will be served with delicious fizzy lemonades or the classic way with tonic water and a slice of lemon or cucumber. 

Gin Workshop - immerse yourself in the world of gin

Regardless of the nature of the group, be it a private group or a large company event, an individualised programme will be created accordingly. Throughout the experience, guests will learn interesting facts about gin and how it is made. Whether the guests themselves are beginners or experts, this activity will enrich the knowledge of just about anyone. This fantastic learning experience is enhanced by the gin tasting experience and will prove to be an amazing end to the day. 

Gin Workshop in combination with other events

A gin tasting is the perfect way to end any day. Guests could spend the day on a spacious catamaran, do a fun SUP tour, a kayak tour or an action-packed activity such as a mountain bike tour. After a day on the turquoise blue sea or on Ibiza's beautiful coastal roads, guests can experience a tapas tour or a Paella workshop and follow it up with a fantastic gin tasting. 

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