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  • 3 h
  • Max. 20 Pax
  •  Luxury ( €250 +)

Whether the passenger is a fan of classic cars from the very beginning or a newbie in terms of motorised vehicles, a classic car tour across the island with high-quality and lovingly maintained models will make the hearts of every participant beat faster. Accompanied by a guide, the group takes part in a classic car tour along coastal roads and small island villages which offer the perfect spot for a short break. The route is adapted to individual wishes and can therefore also include stops for lunch or dinner.

A classic car tour lets dreams come true

Top-maintained models, such as a Corvette C3, a Triumph TR6 or a traditional Mustang Cabrio await the group directly at the hotel or at the custom selected starting point of the classic car tour. A guide, who accompanies the group in a guide-vehicle during the classic car tour, introduces a briefing in advance on the driving techniques and refinements of these classic cars. During the classic car tour, the vehicles may of course also be switched amongst the group. Along picturesque mountain villages and rocky coasts, the participants of the classic car tour are always accompanied by a unique view and the charm of the past. Whether the unforgettable classic car tour is planned as a full day or half-day experience, the route is personalised to include desired swimming and snorkeling stops at hidden bays or a restaurant visit with a delicious lunch or dinner as the final stop.

Combining the classic car tour with a sustainable activity

A classic car tour promises lots of fun and adventure for the perfect summer day. Unfortunately, the classic car tour is also associated with environmentally harmful emissions, which increase the tourist CO2 footprint. To do something good for nature and the environment of the Balearic Islands after this unique and fun experience, the classic car tour can be perfectly combined with sustainable and responsible activities. So how about a Beach Clean Up during the Oldtimer Tour or a Tree-planting Event in combination with a Zero Km Food Xperience afterwards? 

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