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Coaching and Teambuilding out of the box

Eventmanagement coaching Mallorca

A recent example of the LifeXperiences coaching and teambuilding event assortment integrated activities such as adventurous mountain bike tours, a treasure hunt optimally adapted to the needs of the team and a helicopter flight as the grand finale of an impeccable team incentive of corporate managers.

The intensive coaching process included specific communication-structures and interaction-models that enhanced the individual development of distinctive team members together with the practical application of first steps, through to the implementation of the acquired content within the daily working life. The full-day practical teambuilding part of such a coaching event is done in close collaboration with qualified trainers and coaches throughout the program.

A fictitious yet practical and tailored problem setting generates an impulse for the first steps towards effective problem solving. The entire path towards a common goal is made up of several different activities, which push the participants towards physical and mental limits and can only be resolved through the application of the acquired coaching content within the team.

The group performs the tasks as a team, however is continuously accompanied by the trainer or coach evaluating the achieved success of the participants utilising a self-reflected analysis. Autumn is a suited season to challenge the participants mentally and physically during teambuilding activities surrounded by mild weather, lush green fields and sunshine.

One of the many outcomes of such a coaching experience is that the group represents an individual functional unit within a teambuilding and coaching environment. The distinct steps utilised within the teambuilding and coaching program result in the on-going development of individual participants as well as the entire team. This in turn, enhances growth into new challenges and tasks within the company environment.  

17/11/2016, Johannes