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Incentive for 1000 Pax

Eventagentur Incentive Ibiza

?The employee event of the century?. An international online-based company perfectly understood the concept of partaking in a remarkable incentive that inspired around 1000 employees, strengthening company bonds within the team and firm environment.

This sensational end-of-season incentive by LifeXperiences proves that a tailor-made incentive concept is with no doubt possible for 1000 people, without compromising on extraordinary experiences and a flawless logistical process.

The moment the employee team from over 40 nations at a global sector boarded the charter planes, each participant proceeded to receive a closed envelope at point of departure stating ?Today?s Mission?. The group was taken into an incentive world that they would be returning from with extraordinary memories and experiences after three nights and four days.

A well thought out teambuilding concept for 1000 individuals turned every employee of this incentive into an important part of a strategic, iPad based treasure hunt, in which all participants took part in virtual and practical challenges within 200 teams. The goal was to win the overall challenge in alliances, making ones way through the labyrinth-type alleys of Ibiza Old Town.

The spectacular afternoon was followed by a large staged winner?s ceremony in front of the 1000 fellow co-workers, where the winning alliance had the honour of opening a glass treasure chest as the first part of the incentive highlight of the year.

The chic beach clubs, dinner locations, catamaran tours, private parties featuring an exclusive DJ line-up and many further individually conceptualised incentive experiences, created memories of a lifetime and left a smile on the participant?s faces when thinking back to the ?employee event of the century? with co-workers and friends.

01/12/2016, Johannes