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Yacht Incentive at Sunset

Incentive Catering Mallorca

Even the high season of incentives on the island is not short of wow-effects: In June, the team of LifeXperiences took an incentive group out on a tailor-made, unique sundowner tour through the Bay of Palma. From first-class catering and atmospheric live music to the unique charm of a historic yacht, the incentive was the perfect addition to a meeting day and offered what LifeXperiences promises: The creation of special moments, luxury and a full service package to enjoy every minute of the incentive trip to the magnificent island in the Mediterranean Sea.

A reception with sparkling wine on board marked the beginning of this unique incentive event for the participants of a meeting in Palma. Afterwards, the Gentlemans Yacht set sail and the band, positioned on the upper deck of the yacht, started to enhance the evening with atmospheric tunes. Meanwhile, the group enjoyed some drinks from the gin bar and let their gaze wander over the Mediterranean Sea, the harbour of Palma and the impressive cathedral La Seu emerging from the vibrant city.

During the sunset, while the yacht, once built for royals, was bathed in light, the guests of the incentive, created by LifeXperiences with love for detail, were called to a delicious, freshly prepared dinner. The brilliant end to this exclusive incentive night was the arrival at the harbour, when the luxury yacht and its passengers saw themselves surrounded by the lights of Palma.

20/07/2018, Lara