Besides continuously discovering different facets and possibilities on the island, many more factors filled the repertoire for incentive and coaching events and resulted in qualitative and quantitative growth. This island is constantly on the move, and with new contacts new ideas evolve.

One of the finest discoveries made this winter, besides charming Mallorcan Fincas, was a garage filled with perfectly polished old-timer motorbikes. An ideal addition to our coaching and incentive tailor-made programs. These motorbikes are worked on and polished everyday in preparation for high quality nostalgic tours through the curvy coastal roads of the island. A total of 26 classic vehicles are available, that can of course be delivered directly to the hotel by LifeXperiences forming part of a tailor made island tour. The shiny chrome and distinctive sound of the old-timers will impress anyone crossing the way.

For valued incentive clients, that visit Mallorca several times a year and value the custom support and involvement that LifeXperiences provides, this will be the ultimate highlight.

11/02/2015, Johannes