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Eventagentur Mallorca

This year the Incentive season starts again with new Incentive ideas, presented to international partners on an exclusive Fam Trip.

The wishes and demands of both private and corporate customers for incentive trips to Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca are mostly unsual and unique and cause the diverse portfolio of the LifeXperiences Incentive Manufactory to keep growing.

The Balearic Islands never rest and they constantly generate new personalities and ideas which with a little creativity can be transformed easily into unique incentive activities. A good example would be the revival and revolution of the only Mallorcan car brand by means of building handmade electric cars in a vintage style. The shining eyes of the Incentive participants as soon as they find these extraordinary vehicles waiting for them in front of the hotel is the exact moment that turns an event into an Incentive.

Whether such an Incentive moment is combined with a visit to a local chocolate factory and the creation of one's own personal chocolate, or with a final stop at a hidden vineyard in the Tramuntana Mountains where they can design individual labels for their wine bottles, depends entirely on the wishes of the Incentive customer.

The message of the Fam-Trip is clear: With a proven Incentive recipe the possibilities of creating memorable Incentive moments are diverse. Simply take selected local ingredients, prepare them with a healthy portion of imagination and logistical understanding, add a lot of attention to detail and the "once in a lifetime" Incentive creation is ready.

The team of LifeXperiences is looking forward to an exciting year with many new original Incentive Xperiences. Simply tell us your desired ingredients and let our Incentive kitchen convince you.

03/04/2019, Johannes