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We worked to reinforce our values in everything we delivered


Living our Values – 2021 In Review

In 2021 we were extremely proud of our work to create premium corporate events and concierge services to our clients. Following a tough year for everyone, and amid a global recovery, our team has been resilient, passionate, and innovative.

We worked to reinforce our values in everything we delivered. That has meant placing a large focus on being a trusted & responsible business provider.

Aside from delivering some wonderful experiences, the team also worked to improve our offering from a sustainability point of view. To us that means being responsible, interconnected and always acting with integrity.

Some of our targets and an update on progress are noted below:

We are Responsible

To Reduce our Energy Use and Source Green Energy – Since 2020 we use certified green energy in our HQ. That’s a great step, but we are also looking to reduce our overall consumption. As a result, we worked together to make small changes, like not-leaving machines on standby and turning off the lights.

To Measure our Carbon Footprint and Reduce our Emissions – In 2020 we began measuring our direct emissions (that’s Scope 1 & 2) formally, and we are working on this for 2021. Our plan is to set formal targets and to start to look at our bigger impact (our Scope 3). We’re going to report back on this more next year.

To Reduce Waste at our Sites and at our Events – We started measuring our own waste in the HQ. We improved our purchasing policy and, as a team, focused on sourcing locally and buying items with as little packaging as possible. We also delivered some great low waste events, using reusable decorations or food delivered on edibles or using washable cutlery and glass. In 2023, our aim is to get even better at how we do this.

To Eliminate the use of Virgin Plastic – We’re dedicated to eliminating virgin plastic to the point of obsession. We’d like to find a way to eliminate it entirely but that’s not always possible. Last year, each member of our team created around 37g of plastic waste each week. Next year, we’re working on getting this down even further.

To Reduce our Water Use by 5% - We know that our water impact happens at our events, but for starters we began measuring our own water consumption. During the year we reduced our consumption by 8.3% (from our baseline in 2019). We now must work to see how we can improve on that.

We are interconnected

100% Locally Sourced by 2030 – We’d like to only source locally but, depending on what our clients need, it’s not always possible (for example, Oysters). However, we are committed to working with local partners for events and working on a plan to deliver events that benefit the Balearics that we love.

To Encourage sustainable behaviours – In 2020, we began assessing our providers and their sustainability credentials. We asked them to sign a Code of Conduct and, in 2023, we plan to work to share best practice on how we can all be better.

To Give Back - In 2021, Cleanwave Foundation initiated a pilot project called 1% for the Med (inspired by the Patagonia led initiative 1% for the Planet). As a result, we committed to donating 1% of our turnover to the Cleanwave Foundation. In 2021, the Foundation received €10.684,89 towards projects that focus on marine regeneration and education.

Supporting Pro-Bono Actions – Our director Philipp, one of the founding members of the Cleanwave Foundation now sits on the board as Treasurer of the NGO. This along with beach cleans, joint team-building actions and supporting the sales of water bottles has enabled us to support the amazing work achieved by this organisation. Next year, we plan to quantify the effects of our support further.

We act with Integrity

To put Sustainability at our Core - In 2020, we created our first sustainability strategy and began a Travelife Partner (a global sustainable travel certification scheme). In 2022 this is being updated. Our aim is to reduce our impact wherever we can. That means increasing traceability of all that we do. We need to measure more, go deeper and work to move the dial on the MICE industry here in the Balearics.

To have the Happiest Employees – We began looking at how to improve the experience of the people who dedicate themselves to making LifeXperiences what it is. We love our team – we cook together each day, and we have a three-day coaching session together each year so we can evolve our offering together. We´ve also started looking at strengthening our people policies and our development plans so that our people stay motivated, happy, and brilliant. We will report back in 2022 on our progress and measurements.

Achieve 5* Customer satisfaction – We are so proud to state that our clients love what we do. We take pride in every aspect and detail of our work and our feedback has been 5*. In 2022 we will measure this further and hope to maintain our high client score.

To Make Every Event More Responsible – We classified 100% of the experiences we offer so that clients can know exactly where an event makes a difference. Clients can now search for events by impact including: Environmental Awareness, People Engagement, Positive Impact & Regeneration and Celebrating Cultural Heritage.

We think we’ve been pretty busy, but we know there’s so much more to do. We are ready to innovate and to push ourselves further. For comments, ideas and feedback please feel free to write to us at info@lifeXperiences.com.


03/03/2022, Nina