Mallorca as biggest of the Balearic Islands is well-known among international companies as a preferred incentive travel location. Four groups were accompanied by LifeXperiences on their individual incentive activities the last weekend and the participants came from different parts of the world. The reasons for that are quite obvious: Mallorca as incentive destination offers great weather, beach, sea, mountains and city nightlife. Furthermore it features a preferred location within Europe and 182 direct flight destinations.

Especially when it comes to incentive travels to Mallorca, it comes in handy to book locations and activities exclusively, since it empowers the management board to influence and personalize locations. If the participants should be rewarded for extraordinary performance, an exclusive booking shows the appreciation. This weekend the hotel Hospes Maricel was booked exclusively and became the base for all further activities of the incentive travellers. The famous Nassau Beach, a popular location in Palma's historical center and the Michelin Restaurant "Simply Fosh" were booked as exclusive event locations. This way the guests could talk about internal matters, exchange experiences and celebrate in a protected environment.

After a day excursion to one of the best Paella restaurants of the island in an incredible setting, abseiling, speedboat trips, snorkeling and catamaran cruises, this incentive still left sufficient time to relax and enjoy the 5-star atmosphere of the hotel.


27/05/2014, Chris