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More body awareness with yoga

Conciencia ecológica

El foco sobre las personas

Influencia positiva y regeneración

Viviendo el patrimonio cultural

  • 1 – 2 h
  • Max. 15 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 70)

An active yet relaxing form of exercise that aims to guide participants towards absolute self-awareness. Participants will experience this and more during a yoga class, which results in increased health, flexibility and mental as well as physical strength. Yoga has the ability to connect the body and mind and bring them into a more equanimous and balanced state. It is perfect as a break during an exhausting schedule or as an alternative to daily business. 

A Yoga Xperience designed according to the groups' requirements 

Group yoga classes can be organised at professional studios, the guests' place of stay, a tranquil beach or any other location on request according to the group's personal preferences. The group can choose between different styles of yoga such as Dance-Yoga, Power-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga or a simple yet effective meditation in the mornings. No matter which style, yoga reconnects individuals to themselves in a hectic world which can oversaturate the senses and cloud mental clarity. Mallorca offers the perfect setting for yoga classes as it is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea or the silence of the Tramuntana mountains. It can be organised as part of a morning routine or a special sunset event in the evening. 

Starting the day right with a special Yoga Xperience

A yoga class offers the perfect start to the day as it clears the mind and realigns the body and mind. A historic sailing trip is a great way to continue the day in a calm yet fun way. Alternatively, the yoga class can take place on a boat. Participants can enjoy the feeling of the sea directly after taking part in the yoga class. A way of making the yoga xperience more active is by combining it with Stand Up Paddling (SUP Yoga). An innovative sport, which requires a lot of balance and offers a perfect combination of relaxation and fun.
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