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Experiencing Mallorca right from the living room

Conciencia ecológica

El foco sobre las personas

Influencia positiva y regeneración

Viviendo el patrimonio cultural

  • 1 h
  • Max. 200 Pax
  •  Medio (€120 – 180)

The group is invited to go on a journey through Mallorca’s culinary highlights, discovering the island with all senses right from the living room! Together with a local expert the group will actively participate in a tailor-made workshop online. Before the virtual journey begins, a package with all the corresponding local products will be delivered right home. All the participants need is a mobile device (laptop, tablet or phone). LifeXperiences will provide the online platform where the experience starts via a livestream that allows participants to directly interact with the host. With a highly professional set-up within an authentic scenery, combined with a nice selection of high-quality and organic products from local providers, we definitely make participants feel like they're travelling again!

A journey through Mallorca's wine and food culture

With an abundance of vineyards, Mallorca offers a wide selection of local wines. As some of them are only sold at local stores and not available abroad, this workshop offers the perfect opportunity to taste unique local wines right from home. A professional sommelier will explain everything the participants need to know about the production and history of two well-selected red wines, which will definitely be remembered. Both of them are of the D.O. Binissalem and have a similar composition of grapes. The difference lies in the fact that one is from a well-established winery, while the other one is a non-labeled yet high-quality garage wine. After being introduced to the hidden secrets of each wine, participants will learn how to combine the wines with local snacks. Together with the host they will prepare the most typical Mallorcan dish, the so-called "Pa amb Oli", a cold bread-dish with tomatoes, olive oil and garlic topped with local sobrasada and cheese. Sounds simple, but there are some fairly serious rules to consider...
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