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A creative way to recycle waste while exploring the island

Conciencia ecológica

El foco sobre las personas

Influencia positiva y regeneración

Viviendo el patrimonio cultural

  • 4 h
  • Max. 125 Pax
  •  Premium (€180 – 250)

A traditional hike-, e-bike or kayak tour is turned into a fight against plastic and other forms of rubbish. This is done by challenging the teams to pick up all the rubbish they find along their way and turn it into a piece of art afterwards. A fun and sporty activity with a focus on the environment and team building awaits the group. 

Upcycling Challenge - Getting active to fight for a plastic-free island

On request, the Upcycling Challenge can begin directly at the hotel. The route is designed according to the group's wishes. When everyone is equipped with an (e-)bike, reusable gloves and bags, a unique tour begins. Participants spend approximately 4 hours collecting rubbish in nature in places like the beach, on the road or in the fields. Through this, participants will discover Mallorca's hidden roads and paths. Everything found in the cleaning area, which is not made of natural materials is to be collected – only nature's own products should be left behind! The challenge can then continue on the water, where the teams will continue collecting rubbish in the sea, equipped with professional kayaks. This way participants also have the possibility of jumping in the refreshing water, while fighting against the enormous plastic pollution problem in the sea. This activity is the perfect mix of fun and learning under the sun of Mallorca! After the active part of the activity, participants face the challenge of creating an art piece out of the rubbish they have collected. It's all about creativity, artistic skills and, above all team-work as there is limited time available to create the winning piece, which has to be presented to the other teams afterwards in order to find the winning team.

Other ideas to design the Upcycling Challenge

The Upcycling Challenge can also be included in a stand-up paddle tour or in a traditional scooter tour in order to see even more of the island. A perfect add-on after the challenge could be a tree planting event at a local orange farm, which could be the destination of the tour, where the last part of the challenge takes place. A  Zero km Food Xperience after the Upcycling Challenge is a perfect way to end the day. There, participants can lay back and relax after an active afternoon.  
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