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A joint adventure with the team

Conciencia ecológica

El foco sobre las personas

Influencia positiva y regeneración

Viviendo el patrimonio cultural

  • 4 – 8 h
  • Max. 50 Pax
  •  Premium (€150 – 200), Lujo (€200 +)

On several boats and with the help of a professional skipper, during the sailing regatta, the group faces the challenge of conquering a pre-set course while enjoying the beauty of the sea. The sailing adventure can be organised as a challenge or simply as a small glimpse into the fascinating world of sailing.

Sailing Regatta - focus, adrenaline, teamwork!

For a successful sailing regatta, teamwork is essential! Following a detailed introduction of the skipper, the group will start with a training cruise before finally initiating the sailing regatta. The route for the sailing regatta will be defined prior to the start and can be adjusted to the group's needs and preferences. During the sailing regatta, all boats will compete along a pre-determined route simultaneously under professional instruction and surveillance of an experienced skipper. Each of the boats participating in the sailing regatta has room for up to eight participants. A sailing regatta allows getting to know oneself and colleagues from a different perspective. The sailing regatta is suitable for both sailing beginners and professionals and will be designed regarding the preferences and experience of the group. 

A bit of variety after the Sailing Regatta

To gain strength after a long day out on the sea, guests can enjoy a tapas tour through Palma's old town or participate in a paella workshop to obtain an insight into culinary highlights of the Spanish cuisine. For action lovers, the day can continue with an iPad Jeep Rally to further explore the versatile island of Mallorca on land, along with paved streets and off-road paths. 

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