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Action and Teamwork

Conciencia ecológica

El foco sobre las personas

Influencia positiva y regeneración

Viviendo el patrimonio cultural

  • 2 h
  • Max. 60 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 70), Bajo (€70 – 100)

Fun and action are guaranteed during an exciting game of paintball, which requires a high amount of concentration, tactics and team collaboration. The various game modes provide different game variations, enhancing the fun and activity factor. Participating in paintball alongside or against each other provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen work relationships and build corporate morale for team-building purposes. Paintball is an extraordinary team building event that gets adrenaline rushing and is a lot of fun at the same time! 

Paintball as Teambuilding

The game variations of paintball are diverse and can be adapted to the group's wishes. For example, during the "Capture the Flag" game mode, the goal of every team is to move the opponent's flag to their own starting point on the opposite side. Each team will aim to protect their flag by shooting paintballs. This motivates the participants to work as a team and to strengthen interpersonal relationships in a fun and action-packed way.

Safety is very important during paintball. Our experienced team will equip guests with all necessary clothing and material so that the group is ready for the field. The professional material, including the markers, safety masks and protective vests are in optimal condition. The 200h large LifeXperiences event area also holds the hills, trenches and several hiding places creating fantastic attack and defence possibilities. Perfect for an eventful day of paintball.  

Combined Paintball Adventure

A fun paintball day can be combined with a paella cooking course, a tapas tour through the picturesque town of Palma in order to also get to know the cultural part of Mallorca. For more adrenaline-packed highlights, enjoy a speedboat, fly across the water with a Jet Ski or discover the island from a totally new perspective during a helicopter flight.

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