Expect to explore! This trip is an adventure that will give you insights in nature and culture of the French Alps you could not imagine before. Guests will enjoy in nine days unique TravelXperiences with 800km of travel distance, 450 km on skis and on snow, skiing 30 ski resorts, climbing about 3000m on skins only and skiing down 42.000m.

This once in a lifetime Xperience is a climate friendly freeride adventure usiung only existing ski lift infrastructure and public transport to ski as much as possible while exploring the French Alps with their world class skiing and their natural, cultural and culinaric secrets.

The focus is on downhill. We ski the best of the French Apls, and the biggest, and the smallest. We ski the hip and the unknown. We go big and we go small. We enjoy a beer in a bar but also an ascent on skins into the wild.


09/01/2014, Johannes