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Travel in times of Corona

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In line with our company values, we have shown our innovative thinking and flexibility to adapt to new situations during this unprecedented crisis, developing the new department for COVID-19 testing to facilitate the responsible recovery of the tourism sector within the destination and support partners as well as governmental organisations in guaranteeing all travellers’ safety during and after their stay on the island.


1)    COVID-19 PCR self-test kits

We are offering a delivery service for COVID-19 PCR self-test kits in cooperation with SYNLAB laboratory. The PCR test is the most efficient and universally recognized method to diagnose a SARS-CoV-2 infection with or without symptoms.

To offer a smooth procedure, we will bring the self-test kit provided by SYNLAB laboratory straight to your location of choice. Immediately after the sample has been taken, we will deliver it to the laboratory to assure the fastest results possible. 


  • certified Covid-19 PCR test
  • non-invasive and pain free PCR self test
  • test at your location of choice
  • quick results between 12-24 hours guaranteed
  • internationally recognised travel certficate

Find out more about the flexibility we offer regarding our mobile Covid-19 PCR Test services at www.coronatestmallorca.com


2)    COVID-19 rapid antigen test

In collaboration with the mobile team of Centro Médico Alemán Cala d’Or we are offering COVID-19 rapid antigen tests at various test stations around the island.

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  • Simple booking process
  • Test centres at different locations all around the island
  • Safe testing procedure
  • Fast process and results
  • internationally recognised travel certficate

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For more information regarding available test stations or online booking of your appointment check out www.antigentest-mallorca.com


20/04/2021, Janina