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Trying the best wines of Mallorca

Environmental Awareness

People Engagement

Positive Impact & Regeneration

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

  • 3 h
  • Max. 100 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 70), Niedrig (€70 – 100)

There are numerous bodegas in Mallorca that produce excellent wines. During this activity, the group will visit a wine cellar and have the opportunity to admire ancient vaults, picturesque fincas and romantic locations in the hidden villages of the island. Delicious white wines and full-bodied red wines are produced in the island's mild Mediterranean climate. Winemakers will reveal secrets of the preparation of these delicious wines on a walk through the vineyards and the cellar. During the wine tour, guests can try different wines from the respective bodega while typical island snacks are served.

A Wine Tour with character

Whether a sommelier or novice, the variety and the excellent quality of the several wines of Mallorca surprise guests every year. Participants learn about the manufacturing process and the resulting differences in quality in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the fantastic wine and allow themselves to be inspired by the stunning colour, smell and taste.

Guests will not only visit the most famous bodegas but also excellent family-run companies, which are what make the wine tour so special. The well-chosen bodegas are all located in picturesque environments such as the Tramuntana mountains, providing a special ambience. This will make the wine tour an absolute highlight of the guests' holiday, company trip or incentive. Of course, the wine tour can be extended with an exclusive picnic or a private dinner in the vineyard. The most beautiful bodegas are scattered all over the island and so each individual group will get a customized offer. 

Wine Tour as an overall experience

As the bodegas are often located in the middle of the mountains, the wine tasting can be perfectly combined with a hiking adventure which ends at the bodega. After tasting gorgeous wines, the group could enjoy a paella and be inspired by the secrets of preparing this Spanish speciality from one of our top chefs. Alternatively, a tapas tour through the beautiful bars of Palma is a lovely programme for the evening. 
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