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  • 1 – 2 h
  • Max. 50 Pax
  •  Budget (€50 – 70)

Virtual Reality (VR) has become an omnipresent topic. VR is an artificial reality generated by special hardware and software in which the user can move interactively in a computer-generated environment. All of this is made possible by the VR glasses, which immerse a person in a completely different world. The virtual reality games offer a lot of fun in a virtual wold and can be carried out in a meeting room, on a yacht or at a beautiful setting surrounded by nature. 

A new Experience: Virtual Reality Games

The equipment necessary for virtual reality games is easy to set up and offers the ultimate fun factor for every age group. After a briefing, everybody will be able to enter the virtual world and begin playing. The possibilities go from a simulated flight in a spaceship, a realistic archaeological visit to past cultures or a balancing act on a tower block at an enormous height. Those who want to live out their rock star fantasies get the chance to dive into a concert hall and rock the stage.  For bigger groups, the virtual reality games can be organised as a challenge, so that different groups play against each other in a virtual game. 

Virtual Reality Games at any location 

A virtual reality experience can be combined with any activity as it can be realised at any desired location with any desired topic - even on a catamaran during a swimming stop, as a challenge during an iPad Tour through Palma or simply as a break during a meeting in the hotel to have a true moment of fun. Virtual reality games are always a great add-on to escape from the real world.
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