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Yoga on the water

Environmental Awareness

People Engagement

Positive Impact & Regeneration

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

  • 1 – 2 h
  • Max. 10 Pax
  •  Mittel (€100 – 150)

Fresh air, luxurious warmth and gentle waters invite guests to a special yoga session on the water. This trendy form of exercise, commonly known as SUP yoga is perfect for those who love the sea and the beach. This activity is the combination of stand-up paddling and yoga, offering a challenge to all sports lovers. 

SUP Yoga - The Perfect Addition

Both forms of exercise, stand-up paddling as well as yoga, promote balance and flexibility. Therefore, the two complement each other and when combined, create a new way of exploring fitness beneath the beautiful Mallorquin sun. SUP yoga is not only a full-body workout but a form of relaxation. It allows participants to break away from the stress that is induced by everyday life and focus on what is truly important. As soon as participants go will the natural flow of the waves, balance and the ability to correctly do the poses becomes easier and instinctive. The separate elements present in this activity such as the board, yoga poses and correct breathing technique are combined to form a relaxing cycle of symbiosis. Doing stand-up paddle yoga in Mallorca is an experience that no one should miss. 

Experience more of the sea 

After SUP yoga, the board can be used to begin a new activity. Discover and explore even more of Mallorca's beautiful coastal landscape on a guided stand-up paddle tour! An alternative option would be to add a little variety to the day and switch to kayaks.
A day on the water awaits, contact us!