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  • 3 h
  • Max. 80 Pax
  •  Niedrig (€70 – 100)

Transform into a scout and gain navigation skills as a team during the orienteering challenge. Having an ideal team building element means that orienteering requires coordination and communication in order to discover the right way with only a compass and some coordinates. Orienteering promises a lot of fun, adventure, improved cooperation and team spirit among participants.

Navigating and deducing correctly? The key to successful orienteering

After a short briefing, the teams must try to discover the correct path in a given parcours. Equipped with a compass and a notepad, the challenge is to find this path only with the help of a few details such as the longitude, latitude and distance. If the team deduces correctly, they are rewarded with some key letters at several control stations throughout the game. All these letters, arranged in the right order, promise the victory of the day. Orienteering requires true team spirit under time pressure with the advantage of a fun-filled day.

During the orienteering challenge, participants have a pure experience in nature. According to the group specifics, the route can either guide them through an old olive grove on our private LXP event area, over paths through the Tramuntana mountain range or along the spectacular western coast, accompanied by views of the sea at all times. There are no limits to your imagination, the orienteering challenge can also easily be utilised as a team-building element in another activity of the guests' trip to the island - and can also be prepared as an activity on the sea.

Orienteering as an element of a full day activity program

Orienteering can also be part of other activities, such as raft building, a beach Olympics or Water Sports Olympics. Another alternative is to integrate the orienteering challenge into a Jeep island rally based on our GPS iPad Challenge, stopping at our private LXP event area for a delicious open-air BBQ lunch. 
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