Test service for hotels


Maximum comfort and competitive prices guaranteed for guests of our cooperation partners

In collaboration with Centro Medico Alemán in Cala D'Or, we offer the entire logistics, organisation and coordination of mobile antigen rapid test centers for hotels and other partners wishing to offer highest protection against infection with maximum comfort. All our test methods are recognised by the EU and a negative test result entitles you to travel internationally.

The mobile test team with healthcare professionals from Centro Médico Alemán will come directly to the hotel to carry out the rapid antigen test following highest infection protection measures.  Hotel guests only need their booking number and a valid ID. the entire test procedure is contactless and carried out in the fresh air. Immediately after the test, each test person receives their result digitally by email, as an internationally recognized travel certificate.

Hotel guests can book their appointments via our online booking system, which can be adapted for each hotel. Precise booking times allow to avoid waiting times thus any risk of infection is reduced to a minimum.

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