Covid-19 Test Service


Covid-19 test solutions for responsible and comfortable travel and for all kinds of events

LifeXperiences not only offers a Covid-19 test service for events, private individuals, yacht crews and groups of all sizes but also tailor-made service concepts for hotels that want to offer their guests maximum comfort with the lowest risk of infection.

Our mobile test teams will come directly to you and take care of the entire test logistics.

All invasive and non-invasive test procedures we offer are recognized by the European Union and, if the test result is negative, the procedure includes a certified document that can be used for travelling. Thanks to the fully digitized process, the test subjects are guaranteed to receive their results by email within 15 minutes after the test. With the non-invasive PCR self-test, the result can be downloaded online in a maximum of 24 hours.

Our aim is to make a practical contribution with our Covid-19 test services to enable trips to and from Mallorca and events of all kinds on the island. Moreover, we would like to spare our clients the trouble of looking for a suitable test option and other inconveniences, such as long driving and waiting times in laboratories and clinics.

Read more about our test services below.